Half-Breed Wars

When I was coming back from Colorado, and I was a little jaded after playing Tekken 3 for the first time, I came up with the concept of a Fighting Game myself called the Half-Breed Wars. I designed about four or five characters by the time I arrived home on Maui. I showed Shin the sketches and he liked my main villianess the best. She had two dragon tattoos which ran down the right side of her body. The first dragon started on her face and ended on her hand. The second began on her hip and stopped at her foot. Roy then loosely drew her on an standard 11" x 17" comic book bristol board. Later at home, I liked his interpertation of her so I tightened up the design of the tatoos and then did a quick inking of it. After scanning it, I then used Photoshop to color and clean up the image. About six to eight hours of work produced the end result you see above. I am pretty happy with the coloring, but I wish I had the space to show the actual size (1990 x 3000), because I used a lot of textures to make the image more convincing. The textures used were all included with Photoshop. Enjoy.

The Half-Breed Wars and Red was created in 1997 by Victor Moore