Legion of SuperHeroes #1xx
Friendships by Victor Moore

Disclaimer: All characters belong to DC comics. The following is in script format, per the contest stipulations. Numerous Pepsis gave up thier lives for this fic....
I have reformatted the script to be easier to read (I hope) in an HTML format. Originaly, all the dialouge was in CAPS because the contest deemed it so. For this page I opted to give each character a diferent color instead. Little did I realise the amount of time that would be required in this 'little' modification...

PAGE ONE: Three Panels. Zooming in from panel 1-3

Panel One:

Establishing Shot of an Orbital Space station (similar to the one in Star Trek III) orbits a brown-green planet (Forest and Desert World), both should have strong shadows on the right side. (Be creative with the background, maybe a B5 nebula behind the planet. ) The station has limited power, so no lights.

Caption - "Until a couple of minutes ago, Space Platform Shirow was one of the most impressive Space Stations in the United Planets. A place where beings of all types can come to relax and confer with their peers or enjoy the casinos. Diplomats, icons of business and industry, wealthy families are just a few of whom grace the station each day."

Caption - "Things were going along peacefully, just like any other day here..."

Triad-Purple (off-panel) - "Ow. What the sprock happened?"

Panel Two:

Zoom in to a gaping hole in the mid-section of the station. Interior decks can be seen as objects and debris float in space (a couple in the shapes of sentients - at least two humanoids). It is too big to make out human sized people in the rooms. Some, have emergency force fields in place, others do not.

Caption - "...Until a bomb, a huge one exploded and a good portion of the station was deposited into the cold emptiness of space."

Triad-Purple (off-panel) - "Orange?"

Triad-Purple (off-panel) - "Neutral?"

Triad-Purple (off-panel) - "Ferro?"

Triad-Purple (off-panel) - "Anyone?"

Triad-Purple (off-panel) - "C'mon guys answer me... *ugh*"

Panel Three: (LS) Zoom into one of the force field shielded rooms. On the other side of the field stands Triad-Purple, with her back to us, lifting a beam of metal/plastic from a pile of wreckage. It's dark, the only lighting is from the field, and faint emergency lights scattered throughout the room. Show a little girl's body still holding her doll floating in the foreground, with some debris (be tasteful).

Caption: Now the station is in chaos. Repair and medical teams have been sent to help the survivors. For some, it is already too late, and for others, time is not on the side of the angels or heroes.

Triad-Purple (whispered) - "... sprock me."

PAGE TWO: 2 Sections vertically. One for a single panel, and the other for Roll Call. Leave room for titles, credits, and legal stuff.

Panel One: 3/4ths page: Inside the room, wreckage is all around, twisted pieces of metal and plastic, and dust and smoke still hang in the air. In the (CU) foreground wreckage, on the lower left, is Triad-Orange. She is unconscious with blood dripping down her nose and mouth. On the right and slightly closer, is Triad-Neutral. She is bleeding from her left temple and mouth. A twisted piece of metal has pierced her chest. In the middle is Triad-Purple holding a sheet of metal, looking at her sisters with shock. Her uniform is ripped in various places, left forearm, right thigh, above her left breast, and mid-back. Cuts are on her left cheek, and the areas of the rips. All girls are dirty. In the background in front of the force field Ferro's human arm seen through wreckage, hand stretched out as if reaching for someone (the dead girl off-screen).

Panels 2-5: Roll Call. Karate Kid, Dyrk, Kinetix, Vi, Ferro, Triad. Show shocked reactions to panel one. Their names are listed under each one image.

Title - "Friendships"

Credits - "Your guides to the 30th century"

Credits - "Words: Victor Moore"

Credits - "Pencils: Adam Hughes"

Credits - "Inks: Mark Farmer"

Credits - "Colorist: Tom McCraw"

Credits - "Letterer: Pat Brosseau"

Wizard Cover1

"This image, originally done for a Wizard Contest, became the inspiration for this fic."

PAGE THREE: Nine panels.

Panel One: (CU of T-O) Triad-Purple's hand checks Triad-Orange's pulse on her neck.

Triad-Purple (off-panel) - "Thank Valor, she's alive."

Panel Two: (CU of T-N) Triad-Purple hand checks Triad-Neutral's pulse on her neck.

Triad-Purple (off-panel) - "Oh Grife! Her pulse is so weak."

Panel Three: (CU) of Triad-Purple speaking into her ring.

Triad-Purple - "Legion Outpost, this is Triad. Is anyone receiving me?"

Triad-Purple - "For Valor's sake, is anyone there!?"

Triad-Purple - "No good. Must be out of range."

Panels Four-Six: Triad-Purple gently frees her sisters from the rubble, and moves Triad-Orange next to Triad-Neutral.

Triad-Purple - "Why did this happen? How am I going to get them out of here? ... No, mustn't panic..."

Triad-Purple - "What would Cos do? He'd check to see if the others were okay, then try and get help. Okay, that's what I'm gonna do."

Panel Seven: Triad-Purple sees an arm from some rubble, and goes to investigate. It belongs to a Titan who had died.

Triad-Purple - "Grife. I'm sorry."

Ferro (off-panel) - "Unnhhh..."

Panel Eight: Ferro slowly rises to one knee, freeing himself. He is in human form, and his uniform is ripped, as is his helmet. His right leg is bloody.

Triad-Purple (off-panel) - "Ferro!!"

Panel Nine: Triad-Purple helps Ferro to her sisters. He is leaning heavily on her, for his right leg is broken and useless.

Ferro - "Ow. My leg's broken."

Triad-Purple - "Don't put your weight on it... lean on me... That's it, just one step at a time."

PAGE FOUR: Six Panels.

Panel One: (LS) Ferro suddenly spies the little girl outside and reaches desperately for her, surprising Triad-Purple. The little girl's arm, hand permanently locked trying to reach for something, is visible on the right in the foreground, the other two in the mid-ground behind the field.

Ferro (Screaming) - "I have to save her! Let me rescue her!!"

Panel Two: (MCU) Ferro is frantic and in tears as he struggles to reach past the reader. Triad-Purple follows his gaze with sadness.

Ferro (Screaming) - "Please, reach for my hand! You can do it! Just a little more..."

Triad-Purple - "Ferro..."

Panel Three: (MCU) Triad-Purple gently pulls Ferro's hand away. He is still looking at the girl, the realization has not settled in yet.

Triad-Purple - "...She's gone, Ferro. We... we can't help her. I'm sorry."

Ferro (whispering) - "Please... I have to..."

Panel Four: Ferro is helped down next to the unconscious girls. He is still somewhat in shock.

Ferro - "Why? Why did this happen?"

Triad-Purple - "I don't know Ferro. I don't know."

Triad-Purple - "But right now, that isn't our primary concern. Staying alive is."

Panel Five: Triad-Purple examines Ferro's leg.

Ferro - "Ow!"

Triad-Purple - "Definitely broken. How come you didn't Iron up?"

Ferro - "The whole thing caught me by surprise. I was too busy trying to get to... her. Then the ceiling came down, and that's all I remember."

Panel Six: Triad-Purple notices for the first time, that she can see some of Ferro's face (though it's hidden from the readers), as she's holding three fingers in front of him.

Triad-Purple - "You seem a little woozy. How many fingers am I... holding... up?"

Ferro - "Three... I think. What's wrong?"

PAGE FIVE: Five Panels

Panel One: Ferro tries to hide his exposed face, as Triad-Purple looks away.

Ferro - "Please don't look."

Triad-Purple - "I'm sorry, Ferro."

Panel Two: Ferro gestures at Triad-Neutral and Triad-Orange.

Ferro - "What about them? Are they okay?"

Triad-Purple - "Orange is in pretty bad shape, but Neutral is worse. If we don't get her to a doctor soon, she won't make it."

Ferro - "Any other survivors?"

Triad-Purple - "None that I could find."

Panel Three: Triad-Purple gently touches Triad-Orange's cheek.

Ferro (Off-Screen) - "Can't you just combine with them..."

Triad-Purple - "No. WE have to all be concious to do so, and it wouldn't heal the injuries. Brainy warned that it might kill us."


Panel Four: (MS) Triad-Purple and Ferro's back are to the reader as they see a fluctuation in the force field.

Triad-Purple - "Oh grife! That can't be good news!"

Ferro - "What's going on?"

Triad-Purple (yelling) - "Do I look like Brainy to you!? How the sprock should I know?"

Panel Five: (LS) Triad-Purple is walking away from Ferro. She is trying to gather her thoughts.

Triad-Purple (thinking) - "Calm down, Lu. Be like Cos, and appraise the situation, then decide on a course of action."

Triad-Purple - "Okay, obviously we can't wait for help. So one of us is going to have to go get help."

Ferro - "Okay, I'll go."

Triad-Purple - "Don't be a nasshead. Your leg's toast, you can't go. So that means, I do."

Triad-Purple - "Look Ferro, you and I may not be friends anymore, but I need you to do something for me."

Ferro - "umm, okay. What?"

Triad-Purple - "Look after my sisters. I'm putting my trust in you."

Ferro - "I will, and Triad... thanks."

PAGE SIX: Four Panels.

Panel One: Establishing shot of Legion Outpost. (Make it much cleaner and brighter than the station on Page One.)

Caption - "Legion Outpost."

Dyrk (off-screen) - "Did you get it?"

Mystery voice (off-screen; electronic text box) - "Yeah, I got it. But it wasn't easy, and it wasn't cheap. If you knew what I had to do to get it..."

Panel Two: Dryk is in his chair at the monitoring station with the lights from the screens. He is talking to someone off-screen and the door behind him is open. In the doorway is Karate Kid, who is just about to walk in.

Dyrk - "I don't need to hear the sordid details of your escapades, just make sure you deliver the package. It has to be there by tomorrow morning, or I'm a dead man."

Mystery Voice (off-screen; electronic text box) - "Don't worry kid. But you owe me, big time."

Dyrk - "Don't I always? 'Bye."

Panel Three: (CU) Karate Kid is wondering about the conversation.

Karate Kid - "What was that all about, Dryk?"

Dyrk (off-screen) - "Oh, nothing too important. What can I do for you?"

Karate Kid - "Have you heard from Saturn Girl and the others yet?"

Panel Four: Dyrk is facing Karate Kid who is standing at ease.

Dyrk - "Yeah. They're running a little behind schedule. So they'll be ABOUT four hours late to Shirow Sation, where they're gonna pick up Triad and Ferro, who were on a goodwill assignment there."

Karate Kid - "Goodwill assignment?"

Dryk - "President Brande's idea."

Karate Kid - "Oh. Hey can you connect me to Legion HQ?"

Dryk - "Sure. Just a second."

PAGE SEVEN: Four Panels panning around a punching bag.

Panel One: SHRINKING VIOLET (VI) is attacking a punching bag, in the Outpost's Gym. Droplets of perspiration fly off her as she connects. Her green tank top is soaked with sweat.

CAPTION - "Elsewhere in the Oupost..."

SFX - "WHAP!!!"

Panel Two: Vi is hits the bag with another punch from her other hand. We can see KINETIX in the background sitting with a towel hanging from her neck watching Vi intently. She is also holding another towel in her hands.

SFX - "BAP!!!"

Panel Three: As we pull in towards Kinetix, Vi delivers another punch with the first hand. Kinetix licks her lips.

SFX - "WHAP!!!"

Kinetix (whisper) - "Wow. She's good..."

Panel Four: Vi lands a spin kick at the bag. We see Kinetix framed by the bag and Vi's legs. Kinetix is looking at Vi with a sly smile.

SFX - "THWAP!!!"

Kinetix (whisper) - "... No, she's perfect!"

PAGE EIGHT: Six Panels.

Panel One: Vi walks over to Kinetix. Kinetix just watches her.

Vi - "Ahhh! Now that felt good. Nothing like a little exercise to clear the mind of doubts. Right, Zoe?"

Vi - "...Zoe?"

Panel Two: (CU) Kinetix hands Vi (off-screen) her towel, her attention now focused back in the present.

Kinetix - "Oh, sorry about that. Just thinking that's all."

Panel Three (CU) Vi is wiping her self with the towel while looking at Kinetix (off-screen) with a bemused smile.

Vi - "Thanks. C'mon, I've seen that look before. You've fallen for someone. Who? Mon'el? Or maybe Cos? It can't be... not Gates!?"

Panel Four: Kinetix is laughing, as Vi drapes the towel on her shoulder.

Kinetix - "Ha Ha Ha! No way! Not in a million years! No, wasn't him."

Vi - "A-ha! I was right! You are falling for someone. Who is he? C'mon spill."

Panel Five: Vi helps Kinetix to her feet.

Kinetix - "Thanks. I'll tell you later, I promise. But right now,I need a shower. I feel like a Gil'Dishpan."

Vi - "EWWW!"

Panel Six: Vi and Kinetix exit the room and head towards their quarters.

Kinetix - "You liked that, eh?"

Vi - "That was disgusting."

Kinetix - "That, my dear sweet Vi, was payback for the Gates comment."

PAGE NINE: Five panels.

Panel One: Triad-Purple is crawling through a corridor littered with wreckage.

Caption - "Shirow Station."

Triad-Purple (thinking)- "Grife. This is gonna take longer than I thought. Ten minutes and nothing so far. I'm sure the main corridor is in this direction. When I get there, I should be able to find help."

Panel Two: Triad-Purple talks to her ring while crawling through the cramped space.

Triad-Purple - "Ferro? Can you read me?"

Ferro (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "Yes, How are you doing?"

Triad-Purple - "Not as fast as I'd like. Whatever happened, it trashed this place but good."

Triad-Purple - "Hold on, I found someone under some rubble..."

Panel Three: Triad-Purple uncovers a dead Durlan.

Triad-Purple - "...Grife. This keeps getting worse and worse."

Ferro (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "What?"

Triad-Purple - "So far, the only ones alive here, are US."

Panel Four: The corridor widens out so Triad-Purple can walk now. She is still talking to her ring.

Triad-Purple - "Next time Ferro, when the two of us go on assignment together, one of us should switch with another Legionnaire."

Ferro (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "Why?"

Triad-Purple - "That way it won't end up in a sprocking disaster!"

Panel Five: Show half of Triad-Purple's face on the left side melding into a flashback scene of the incident on the ship in LSH#112, then meld it into Ferro's half face on the right side.

Triad-Purple - "Look Ferro, I know tensions were high on the ship back then, and I didn't... agree with my sisters concerning you..."

Ferro - "Why? Why do you think I'm stupid?"

Triad-Purple - "You made a sprocking blunder! You allowed those criminals to escape in the middle of a crisis!"

Ferro - "I know, but that's not what I'm asking. I'm asking why you think that of me."

Triad-Purple - "... Grife. You're insecure, gullible, shy, and naive..."

PAGE TEN: Six Panels.

Panel One: Ferro is wrapping cloth around Triad-Neutral's forehead. The cloth is part of his costume. His chest is almost bare because he has been using his costume for bandages. The piece of metal is still sticking out of Triad-Neutral's chest.

Triad-Purple (Off-screen; Whisper, Electronic Transmission) -"... all the failings I despise about myself."

Ferro - "Um... Triad?"

Ferro - "...Triad?"

Panel Two: (LS) Ferro is ripping more of his costume. The two Triads are still unconscious lying next to the other.


Triad-Purple (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "I'm still here. How are my sisters?"

Panel Three: Ferro is now bandaging Triad-Orange's arm.

Ferro - "Umm... Triad um... Orange is breathing regularly. I think she's okay. But, um... Neutral's breaths are very weak. She needs a doctor right away."

Triad-Purple (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "I'm hurrying as fast as I can, but this place is a mess. You know basic first aid, right?"

Ferro - "Yeah, Cosmic Boy made sure I learned it."

Triad-Purple (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "Okay, just keep a close watch on Neutral."

Ferro - "Right."

Panel Four: (CU) Ferro is talking to his ring. He is looking past us towards the girl with sad eyes.

Ferro - "I don't remember her name, Triad. She told it to me and I can't remember it. Some Legionnaire I am."

Triad-Purple (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "Look Ferro, I'm sorry to sound cold, but death is not something you or I can stop. The Legion is here to help people, but even with all the members we have, we can't help everyone."

Ferro - "I know what you're saying is right, but it doesn't make me feel better. This wasn't someone on a planet far away, she was no more than a foot from me... and now she's gone."

Panel Five: Ferro is wrapping his leg.

Triad-Purple (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "Oh grife..."

Ferro - "Another one?"

Triad-Purple (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "YEAH."

Ferro - "How many?"

Triad-Purple (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "... so far, nine."

Panel Six: (ECU) Ferro's eyes are burning and his fist is shaking.

Ferro - "Nine senseless deaths. I promise you Triad, whoever is behind this will pay."

PAGE ELEVEN: Five panels.

Panel One - (MS) Triad-Purple is walking toward us. Wreckage is around here and there in the corridor.

Triad-Purple - "We'll make them answer for this Ferro. But for now, let's concentrate on the living."

Ferro (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "Right. Sorry."

Triad-Purple - "Don't be, I'm fuming on the inside, but we have to keep our wits about us. If we don't, then we could seriously hurt those we do try and help.."

Panel Two: Triad-Purple is running down an adjacent corridor.

Triad-Purple - "Hold on, I hear something. I'm gonna' check it out."


Panel Three: A doorway is blocked by heavy debris. A small opening, the size of a human head, can be seen. A sign on the hanging on the wall by a single screw, reads: "CONFRENCE ROOM - MZ 23". Triad-Purple is running to the door. (Maybe we can use a worm's eye view here and show Triad's legs and feet in the foreground, the door in the middle-ground.)


Panel Four: Triad is shouting into the hole.

Triad-Purple - "Hello? Is anyone in there?"

Voice #1 (off-screen) - "Yes. Please get us out of here!"

Voice #2 (off-screen; Interlac) - "Help us, I beg you!"

Voice #3 (off-screen) - "Thank the maker. We're saved!"

Panel Five: (LS?) Interior of the room. A group of beings are in lying down or sitting up holding their wounds. Three are near the door. A female Bismollian, an alien (make-up one here), and a male Human.

Triad-Purple (off screen) - "How many of you are there?"

Bismollian - "There are fifteen of us."

Triad-Purple (off screen) - "Any injured?"

Alien - "Yes, two are severely wounded."

Triad-Purple (off screen) - "Okay. I'll go get help. Remain calm. We'll get you out, but please be paitent."

Human - "Don't leave us!!!"

Triad-Purple (off screen) - "Look, I can't rescue you by myself. I'll be right back, I promise."

Bismollian - "Please hurry, and may Valor help you."

PAGE TWELVE: Six Panels.

Panel One: Triad-Purple rushes down a corridor.

Triad-Purple (Thinking)- "Glad to know that there are other survivors besides us. Now if I remember correctly, this hallway will take me to the lift. From there I can go up a couple of levels and head towards a security station and get help."

Panel Two: The lift tube is open, but there is no lift. Just an empty shaft than seems to go forever in both directions. A futuristic ladder is on the back wall. Triad-Purple can be seen peering down into the inviting darkness.

Triad-Purple - "Sprock me..."

Triad-Purple - "Okay. The lift is gone, and the power is out. Looks like I'm climbing up. Grife, this is just not my day."

Panel Three: Triad-Purple jumps for the ladder.

Panel Four: Triad-Purple grabs a rung with one hand as her body hits the wall.

Triad-Purple - "* OOOF!!! *"

Panel Five: After getting herself ready to begin the climb up, Triad-Purple talks to her ring.

Triad-Purple - "Ferro. Can you do me a favor?"

Ferro (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "Sure."

Triad-Purple - "I'm begining the climb up the lift tube. It's pretty dark. Talk to me, so I won't feel so alone. "

Ferro (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "About what?"

Triad-Purple - "Grife, anything Ferro, anything!"

Panel Six: Triad-Purple starts climbing.

Ferro (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "Umm... do you always swear so much?"

Triad-Purple - "Hah! See, that wasn't so hard."

Triad-Purple - "Actually not this much, but when you hang around Garth long enough, the words just seem to come naturally."

Triad-Purple - "Since you asked me a question, it seems only fair that I ask you one. How do you feel about Vi?"


Panel one: (CS - worm's eye view) Ferro looks slightly surprised.

Ferro - "I l... like her. I mean, she's a great friend. She's honest, and caring, and smart... and honest."

Triad-Purple (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "*Chuckle* You said that already, Ferro. Don't be afraid to tell me, I promise I won't spill."

Ferro - "*Sigh* ... I like her a lot. But she's so beautiful, and I'm so... ugly. She's never see me as more than a friend."

Panel Two: (CU - bird's eye view) Triad-Purple is a little concerned as she continues climbing.

Triad-Purple - "I see..."

Triad-Purple (thinking) - "He loves her but won't admit it. How can he be so cruel to himself, to be constantly ashamed of his looks, that it rules his desicions, his life."

Triad-Purple - "Why Ferro? Why do you torture yourself over such a small thing?"

Panel Three: (MS - straight-on view) Ferro pauses while checking Triad-Neutral's pulse.

Ferro - "If it's such a small thing, why did you turn away?"

Triad-Purple (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "..."

Ferro - "Exactly! I don't want to lose her friendship, Triad. Like you, she would be frightend of me as well, and any sympathy she shows after that wouldn't be for me, but for the monster that she would see."

Ferro - "... and i couldn't handle that.

Panel Four: (MS - straight-on view) Triad-Purple is still climbing. She passes a dark exit.

Triad-Purple - "You don't give Vi enough credit. She may surprise you."

Ferro (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "How so?"

Triad-Purple - "Vi may not be the strongest physically, mentally, or intellectually Legionnaire, but she does have the strongest willpower and the most heart on the team... "

Triad-Purple - "... I believe that she wouldn't be scared of or pity you."

Panel Five: (LS - bird's eye view) Ferro is absently brushing Triad-Orange's hair out of her eyes.

Ferro - "... maybe. But I don't know if it's worth the risk. I'm just not sure. I see Spark and Chamelion be so happy together. Sometimes I wonder what that must feel like."

Ferro - "I don't want to hurt her Triad."

Panel Six: (LS - worm's eye view) Triad-Purple is still climbing, but there is a light coming from an opening some thirty feet above.

Triad-Purple - "You won't Ferro. Look I may think you're stupid in some ways, but I still have faith in you."

Ferro (Off-screen; Electronic Transmission) - "err... thanks, I think."

Triad-Purple - "Hey what are frien... um... teammates for."

Triad-Purple - "I see some light up ahead, and I can hear some noises too. Hang on Ferro, help is right around the corner."


Panel One: Outside the station, a small explosion on the lower half erupts soundlessly in space.

Panel Two: Triad-Purple loses her grip and begins to fall as the shaft shakes.

Triad-Purple - "NO!!!"

Panel Three: (CU of hand) Triad-Purple thrusts out her right hand and catches a rung.

Panel Four: Triad-Purple's arm is stretched to its limit as she screams. Her arm is dislocated from the save.

Triad-Purple - "ARRRGHHH!!!"

SFX (near right shoulder) - "CRIK!"

Panel Five: Triad-Purples face has tears of pain as she clasps the rung with her other hand and steadies herself.

Triad-Purple - "OW! Sprock! Arm's dislocated! Ouch!

Panel Six: Ferro, in Iron form, is protecting Triad-Orange and Neutral from a heavy support beam. It is resting on his back. His helmet has been sheered in two, half of it still clinging to his face, the other half on the floor with traces of blood on it. A heavy metal object is lying next to it. New debris is scattered around and dust continues to fall from the new hole in the ceiling.

Triad-Purple - "Ferro?"

Triad-Purple - "Ferro!? Are you there? Is everthing alirght?"

Ferro (weak) - "Hurry... can't... *ugh*... hold it... much longer..."

Triad-Purple - "Hang in there Ferro! Help *arrgh* is on the way!"

Page Fifteen: Five Panels.

Panel One: Ferro's drawing of Vi is framed and on the wall of Vi's room. In this panel, we see only the drawing.

Caption - "Legion outpost."

Panel Two: Pull back from the drawing, we see Kinetix who is looking at it.

Kinetix - "This is beautiful, Vi. Ferro really captured your personality. I espically love how your emotions are expressed through your eyes."

Panel Three: Pull back some more. Vi is sitting on the bed talking with Kinetix who is looking at her. The drawing is still in the background. Both girls are in casual attire.

Vi -"I thought he did a really good job, but c'mon Zoe, I'm not that beautiful."

Panel Four: (CU) Kinetix is passionately trying to convince Vi that she's wrong.

Kinetix - "Yes you are. You are beautiful. He sees it, I see it. Why can't you?"

Panel Five: (wide shot) Vi stares at the drawing. Kinetix watches her friend. Show the interior of the room. Things should have a purple and green color scheme.

Vi (softly) - "I'm not. Not like you, or Irma, or even Lu."

PAGE SIXTEEN: Six panels.

Panel One: Kinetix walks over to the drawing, and reaches out it, but does not touch.

Kinetix - "I want to convince you Vi, to tell you that you're wrong, but I don't know if you'll listen."

Kinetix - "Yes, the others you mention, including myself, are pretty. But you are too. Don't judge people on physical beauty alone, you need to see the beauty on the inside as well."

Panel Two: (CU) Kinetix's fingers are tracing the drawing's eyes.

Kinetix - "There's an old saying, 'the eyes are a window to the soul'. It's true you know. That's how Ferro knew when he drew this, it's how I always known. You are beautiful, please believe me."

Panel Three: (CU) Vi's face is the same as the drawing.

Vi (softly) - "Maybe you're right..."

Vi (softly) - "... but I still think you're prettier than me."

Panel Four: Kinetix looks at Vi and smiles. Vi looks shocked and shrinks.

Kinetix - "Hey, have you ever considered posing nude for Ferro. I would love to see that."

Vi - "ZOE!!!"

Panel Five: Little Vi is blushing slightly. Kinetix is standing by the bed. (Vi is the focal point here, so we don't need to see all of Kinetix. )

Vi (softly) - "I'd wish you didn't joke around like that. It's too embarrassing."

Kinetix - "Don't be scared, tell you what. If you ever decide to do that, then I'll join you, deal?"

Panel Six: Vi grows back to her regular height. Kinetix sits down next to her on the bed.

Vi - "As if... never happen."

Vi - "Hey what do you get for Jenni's birthday tomorrow?"

Kinetix - "Oooh, nice change of subject. Okay we'll let it slide for now. I got her a ..."


Panel One: Kinetix is lying back on the bed looking at the ceiling. Vi looks at the drawing (off-screen). (Bird's eye view?)

Kinetix - "Vi, do you lov... I mean like Ferro?"

Vi - "Yes I like him. He's sweet and considerate. But you're asking if I love him, right?"

Kinetix - "... Yes."

Vi - "You and he are my best friends. I love you both dearly. But I'm not interested in him in that way."

Kinetix - "Oh..."

Panel Two: (CU) Kinetix is still starring at the ceiling.

Kinetix - "Hey Vi, have I ever told you how much our friendship means to me?"

Kinetix - "No? I knew we were the best of friends for quite a while now, but until recently, I never realized how much I cherished our bond."

Panel Three: Flashback borders. Kinetix is stopping Vi and Spark from entering the anomaly (LSH #113).

Kinetix (off-screen) - "I appreciate you and Ayla from freeing me of the Anomaly's influence. To keep you from suffering the same fate, I had to think about how you would save me, and did so. Somehow, at that point I finally understood how much our friendship meant to me..."

Panel Four: Flashback borders. Kinetix is in her zombie like mode as Vi is carrying snacks. Both girls are in their pajamas. (LSH #109)

Kinetix (off-screen) - "... Going back further, I realized how you never stopped trying to help me when I was in that catatonic state due to my actual exposure of the Anomaly. You never gave up, not even when some of the others did..."

Panel Five: Flashback borders. Kinetix is huddled under a blanket from the cold as she sits on the desert floor at night. Kinetix is looking past us with despair in her eyes. Vi is behind her, looking worried at Kinetix. (LSH Annual #6)

Kinetix (off-screen) - "... Do you remember that cold night in the desert some time ago. We had found and lost the Star of Akkos. I was so dejected, so crushed at my failure, I just sat there ignoring the bitter cold. You draped a blanket around me, and for almost an hour, you lent me your silent support. In retrospect, even then you were there for me...."

Panel Six: Kinetix is sitting on the bed and has a hand on Vi's shoulder.

Kinetix - "... I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for sticking with me through all those times and thanks for being there. It means a lot to me, now more than ever."

PAGE EIGHTEEN: Five panels.

Panel One: Kinetix and Vi look around the room. It's quiet.

Panel Two: Vi looks at the drawing.

Vi - "... So, you never did tell me whom you've fallen for. You did promise Y'know."

Panel Three: Kinetix puts her hand on Vi's shoulder. We see Kinetix's eyes are full of emotion.

Kinetix - "... Yes I did. Though I think you may have figured it out already."

Panel Four: Kinetix is leaning closer to Vi. Her hand now brushing the bangs out of Vi's eyes.

Kinetix - "I've fallen hard. It was right there it front of me this whole time, I just didn't see it until now..."

Panel Five: Kinetix's face is inches away from Vi's. Her hand now rests on Vi's cheek. Vi's mouth is partially open and her eyes wide.

Kinetix - "... I fallen in love, not with Cos, nor Mon'el. I'm in love with... you, my dear sweet Salu."


Panel One: (The money shot here, Adam. ) Kinetix and Vi kiss. It is a very romantic one. Kinetix's eyes are closed, while Vi's are somewhat in shock.

PAGE TWENTY: Six Panels.

Panel One: Kinetix's legion ring is buzzing. It breaks the kiss. Vi is still in shock.


Dyrk (off-screen) - "Hey Kinetix, you got a message from Saturn Girl. Do you want me to patch it through?"

Kinetix - "... Grife. No, I'll be there in a sec."

Panel Two: Kinetix gently smoothes Vi's bangs. Vi is still in shock (same pose from panel two.)

Kinetix - "Duty calls. You really are beautiful."

Kinetix - "... 'bye Salu."

Panel Three - Five: Vi is still in shock (same pose from panel two. ) Kinetix is gone. Show some passage of time in the room, maybe a clock in the background or the sun's shadow as it slips to the other side of the planet)

Panel Six: Vi touches her lips, (same pose from panel two. )

PAGE TWENTY-ONE: Six panels.

Panel One: Ferro is in a hospital bed. His leg is in a cast and suspended in the air. Bandages cover his ribs and shoulder and the top of his head. Remarkably, what we can see of his face is cast in shadow. Ferro's helmet has been soldered back into one piece and lays on a small chair between his bed and the one on his left. It's occupant, Triad-Orange is bandaged as well. Triad-Neutral is in the bed on her left. She has her chest bandaged along with her forehead and an I.V. system into one arm. In the foreground, Triad-Purple is talking to a Science Police Officer, her arm is in a sling.

Caption - "The next day, in the medical wing of Space Platform Shirow..."

Triad-Purple - "... and that's what happened!? Grife!"

S.P. Officer - "Yep. Anyway, thanks for your statement, Triad. I'll get the others when the Docs say I can."

Panel Two: Triad-Purple picks up Ferro's mask off the chair.

Triad-Purple - "I'm soory Ferro, but it looks like we won't get our vengence after all."

Ferro - "Uhhh... must protect..."

Panel Three: Triad-Purple is happy to see Ferro wake up. She grasps his hand. He looks confused.

Ferro - "... Triad!? Where am I?"

Triad-Purple - "You're in the Shirow's Sickbay. How do you feel?"

Ferro - "Terrible. Are you're sisters okay?"

Panel Three: Triad-Purple is talking to Ferro (off-screen). Triad-Orange and Triad-Neutral are sleeping in the background in their hospital beds.

Triad-Purple - "Orange is okay, mostly minor injuries, but asleep. Neutral is in critical condition and heavily sedated, but the Docs say we got to her in time. Another ten minutes and..."

Ferro (off-screen) - "That's good. Do you know what happened to the station?"

Triad-Purple - "The S.P. told me that a terrorist planted a bomb, but he wasn't too bright... instead of leaving the station, he started winning big at the casino and was killed by his own folly. The bomb damaged some systems which caused the secondary explosion that claimed my arm."

Triad-Purple - "But enough about that..."

Panel Four: Ferro is in the foreground (somehow his disfigured face is hidden in shadow) and Triad-Purple is in the middle-ground. (Maybe we could use the same angle as panel three or even combine the panels some way?)

Triad-Purple - "... Ferro, I want to thank you for saving my sisters. Don't say anything yet, this is sprocking hard for me to admit and if you stop me, I'll never be able to sy it..."

Triad-Purple - "... I'm sorry..."

Triad-Purple - "... I'm soory for belittling and insulting you back on that ship. I was mad at myself for the 'shortcut' I made and the resulting trouble it caused, that I blamed you. And for that I'm sorry."

Panel Five: Ferro and Triad-Purple talking. Triad-Purple is speaking with regret.

Ferro - "Why the apology Triad?"

Triad-Purple - "... I always knew that I love my sisters, even if we don't always agree on things. But I never realized, until we found you all under the collasped wreckage, how much I need them, how much I love them."

Triad-Purple - "They cherished thier friendship with you, and it hurt them deeply when you took it away. In a quick moment of temper, i was the cuase of thier pain. I don't want them to feel that way again."

Ferro - "Oh... thank you."

Triad-Purple - "Ferro, I need a favor from you. I don't ask for myself, but for my sisters."

Panel Six: Ferro and Triad-Purple still conversing, but Triad-Purple's eyes are on the verge of tears, but not crying.

Ferro - "Sure."

Triad-Purple - "Can you be friends with them again, please? I mean, you and I have our differences, but they love and value your friendship. Every time they see you look away, or turn down a mission becuase we're on it, they cry, whether on the inside or out, the tears flow. Please let them be happy with you again... I beg you. "

Ferro - "I'll try Triad, but it won't be the same as before. Not until we are friends again.."

Triad-Purple - "... I understand."

PAGE TWENTY-TWO: Seven Panels with panel one being the width of the page.

Panel One: (LS) Ferro and Triad-Purple are bonding. (Show some medical equipment in the extreme foreground on the right side.) Triad-Neutral and Triad-Orange are still sleeping.

Ferro - "It won't be easy. But you've already taken a big step in that direction. You asked for forgiveness with your heart, and just now, you've ask for my help in something that matters greatly to you.."

Ferro - "I forgive you and I will help you. Now, can I trust you? After all friendship is about trust, Isn't it? "

Triad-Purple - "... yes... yes it is. I put my trust in you to watch them, and you did. You've proved yourself to me when I saw you sheilding my sisters bodies, though you took a serious blow yourself."

Ferro - "And I you, by telling you my feelings for Vi. But, is it enough Triad?"

Triad-Purple - "I dunno Ferro. It's a start, and we may stumble along they way, but until you take the first step, the journey won't begin."

Triad-Purple - "... and Ferro, it's Luornu. But my friends call me Lu.."

Panel Two: Ferro reaches out a hand and Triad-Purple grasps it with her free one.

Ferro - "Well... Lu, let's see what happens. And it's Andy."

Panel Three: Triad-Purple gives Ferro his helmet back. Ferro is shocked and tries to cover his face with his arms.

Triad-Purple - "Here you go, they fixed it as best as they could here."

Ferro - "My helmet!? I'm not wearing... please don't look."

Triad-Purple - "Oh shush. I admit, I was scared, but as I watched you over the last day sleeping, I realized that what you look like doesn't change who you are inside, and that's what matters most."

Panel Four: Triad-Purple leans over and kisses Ferro on his cheek. He is stunned.

Triad-Purple - "But just in case you have any doubts..."

Panel Five: Ferro is holding his hand up to the spot she kissed. Triad-Purple sits back down on the chair.

Triad-Purple - "Well Andy, since you and I are stuck here for a couple of days, per the Doctor's orders, tell me how your head was injured."

Ferro - "...um, let's see... When the station shook the second time, the ceiling fell down. I sheilded your sisters, but before I could 'iron up', a chunk of the falling debris got me."

Triad-Purple - "I see."

Panel Six: Close up of Triad-Purple winking at Ferro (off-screen).

Triad-Purple - "Since you need your rest, I won't pester you with anymore questions. But I will tell you a story, and you can't tell a soul."

Panel Seven: Black panel with the legion symbol in the bottom right quadrant.

Triad-Purple (off-screen) - "Once upon a time, on the planet Cargg, a cute little girl was born. As all Carggites do so at birth, whe triplicated. But it was apparant to her doctors that somenthing seemed wrong with the babies..."

Ferro (off-screen) - "Were you the little girl?"

Triad-Purple (off-screen) - "Shush and listen young man. Grife, kids these days! Where was I... oh yes... something was wrong with them. As she grew up..."