Marie's Gambit by Victor Moore

Disclaimer: Marvel, Top Cow, and DC respectively own their characters. Marie owns Marie. No Pepsis where harmed in the making of this fic. The following is humor fic. No seriousness allowed.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Actually, it was neither, but it sure sounds better than 'it was a dark and stormy night'.

It really was a gorgeous sunny day. The clouds lazily swept by overhead as Lara yawned for the hundredth time. It was repeated, albeit unwillingly from her companions. She eyed them all in turn and considered herself lucky that these were her best friends. Well, good friends really. Now that she thought about it, she did not really know them at all, but Marie always put them in group shots together, so they had to be cool. After all the pictures always looked cool.

"What the (censored for younger readers - Editor) are we doing out here? There's no (*Sigh* censored again for younger readers - Editor) pavement out here. Where's the reassuring noises of a (censored yet again for younger readers - Editor) police siren? It's too (Still censored for younger readers - Editor) quiet!" The longhaired brunet screamed while pacing around the forest clearing.

"Oh grow up Sara." Elisabeth retorted over her teacup. "We've left the city, so you can stop using your native American speech and just use English please."

"Sorry about that," Sara meekly stated while rubbing the back of her head. Sunlight glinted off the unnatural metal bracelet she was wearing. "Live in New York for about a week and it becomes habit."

"Hey, what does (censored for younger readers - Editor) mean anyway?" A young girl with orange eyes asked innocently.

"What the sprock do you think it means! Grife! You can be so dense sometimes!" Her sister answered while blowing her short spiked bangs out of her purple eyes.

At the tears of the first teenager, her other sister slapped her in the back of the head. "Now you've done it. It's gonna take an hour for her to stop y'know." Triad (Neutral) started to comfort Triad (Orange) but stopped as Aspen approached the crying girl first.

"Now, now. Don't cry. Purple didn't mean to yell at you."

"Yes I d...ummph." Triad (Purple) could not finish as Triad (Neutral) forcibly covered her mouth and dragged her away kicking.

Aspen soothed Orange's hair and wiped the wet insecurities from her cheeks. "That's better."

Stars shone in her eyes as she stopped crying. She embraced the woman in the blue wetsuit. "Thank you Aspen. You're the best."

Looking around, Lara played with her braided ponytail in her hands absently. While the scenery was something out of nature's most 'calming and beautiful sites' calendar, she was bored. She was about to yawn again, when she suddenly felt six sets of eyes sending her dire warnings. Turning around, she saw the others looking away with golden halos over their heads. "Why are we here?"

"Hey, I asked that first!" Sara stated.

"Marie said she had a surprise for us, and this is where she's going to show us what it is." Elisabeth answered as Neutral sat down next to her and poured a cup of tea. "Be patient."

"Betsy, how do you know when you're in love?" Neutral asked.

Everyone stopped what they were doing (which in Aspen's case was a relief as she could now breathe again when released from Orange's hug) and watched as Elisabeth took a sip from her tea, little finger extended out like a proper Englishwoman should. "What brought about this change of subject?"

"Well, the writer seemed to be stalling a little and I figured this would be a good thing to keep him going." She beamed back as the others except Elisabeth fell to the ground suddenly.

Arching a single purple eyebrow, Elisabeth began to answer the question, after another sip of tea of course. "Not an easy topic. I suppose it's a feeling you have when you know that you can't live without the other. His life becomes more important than yours. You would do anything for the other no matter the cost."

Lara whispered to Sara "Ten dollars says she brings up 'poor sweet Doug' again."

"You're on." Sara whispered back.

"A mindlink always helps too. I remember my true love. He was so beautiful, so innocent. But the fates took him away from me. Oh my poor sweet Doug." A single graceful tear shed from her eye.

"Pay up dear," Lara smiled as she held out her hand.

Sara frowned as her bracelet sprouted a tentacle that raced for her purse, opened her wallet, pulled out a ten dollar bill, and gave it to Lara.

"Wow neat trick, Sara." Purple stated.

"If you think that's cool, you should see what she can make it into at nightti... oof." Lara grunted as a blushing Sara elbowed her in the ribs.

"What was that about?" Purple asked.

"Remember what I said about 'love'?" All three Triads and Aspen nodded their heads. "Sara, catch!!" Elisabeth used all of her superior Ninjitsu skills and in one fluid poetic motion, threw the tea cup at the woman without spilling a drop.

Before Sara's witchblade could react to the threat, Lara quickly pulled a shotgun from her small backpack and blew the object into oblivion. As quickly as she drew it, she put the weapon back in it's place. Turning, she saw all the others, except Sara, nod to themselves, then drink some tea. Embarrassing heat rose to her face and she noticed the blush reflected in the one that she just protected.

A few minutes passed by until a loud booming voice came from the heavens. "Now the time has come." It rolled like deep thunder. It vibrated the treetops. Actually, it was a little higher pitched and definitely female and really did not move a leaf, but to the girls it had the same effect. She had arrived. A young woman appeared in front of them and smiled sweetly. "Hi guys."

"Hey Marie." They all smiled back.

"Why are we here?" Sara asked just a second before Lara could.

"I figured this would be the ideal spot for another group image." She answered brightly.

The girls groaned.

Snapping her fingers, a box appeared before each of them. "Here's you're costumes."

"What are the wands for?" Aspen asked worriedly, who noticed that it was the only thing in the boxes.

A devilish grin appeared on Marie's face. "Hold it up and say 'Pretty Sailor costume change', and your costumes will appear."

The girls groaned again.

Purple shrugged her shoulders and grabbed her wand. "Hey, why the sprocking heart on the end?" She shrank back as she saw dark red energy ebbing around Marie who was staring with cold eyes. "uh... I mean, the hearts are a really nice touch (yeah, that's it)."

The energy vanished and Marie was all smiles again, as if nothing had happened. "Thanks."

All the girls held their wands and began their enchantments.

"Pretty Sailor costume change..." A flash of colors spiraled around each woman. As their clothes faded into nothingness, their bodies glowed, then their new costumes appeared as if growing on them. For the split second that each was naked, thousands of flashbulbs went off in the surrounding trees.

Fully clothed each woman was garbed in an indigo form fitting body suit, with black leather boots. However there were differences in the costumes themselves. Elisabeth and the Triad sisters had trenchcoats. Aspen and Sara had their armor, the former in pink coral, the latter in organic metal. Half of Orange's chest and right are were orange, while the opposite was true for Purple in purple. Lara was decked out with guns and holsters, and Elisabeth had a katana strapped to her back.

Marie then began to place them in the poses she wanted, then began to draw them with a pencil and sketchbook that magically appeared in her hands.

After a few hours, Lara whispered, "ow, my back is killing me."

"This is nothing. Imagine having to pose for Liefeld." Elisabeth retorted softly. All the girls cringed.

When Marie was done, she thanked them and disappeared with a dramatic flourish. They were now alone, but still in costume.

"Hey I just realized something." Aspen stated.

"What?" Lara asked while lovingly caressing her guns.

"Has anything happened that had to do with the title of this little story?"

"Umm... no." Sara answered.

A polite cough sounded from behind them. As the spun around, they saw Gambit looking at them. "Hello ladies."

"Hullo Remy." Elisabeth greeted him rubbing her temples.

"So much beauty in front of me that it makes the day sparkle, eh?" He flashed them all a smile. Each thought it was meant for her, except Elisabeth who sighed. He kissed each of their hands and made comments that placed their beauty above even the gods, or that not even a flower could compare. The six enraptured girls had hearts in their eyes and blushes in their cheeks.

Elisabeth watched them moon over him like love-sick school girls. As they walked away, she sighed. "Could have been worse, the story could have been titled 'Marie's Logan." Chuckling as she pictured the girls running around Logan like his own daughters, she followed them into the forest.


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