Down the Dark Path by Victor Moore

DISCLAIMER: Marvel owns everyone, except Sakura, Agent Li, and the old woman, they're mine. No money will be made from this. This is for enjoyment purposes only. Yada, Yada, Yada.


1.) This story was inspired in part by an interview with Chris Claremont that I read years ago and in part from another suggestion from Luba.

2.) I would like to thank Shin for his input, Luba, the kind souls in rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe who told me who were in the Avengers and Fantastic Four at this time, and the makers of Pepsi.

3.) Continuity - Branches out after mid-page 22 UXM#256, Excalibur#20, and X-Factor #51. Most thing progress as written in the three books, except Courtney's attempt to corrupt Kitty, and Logan's participation with the X-Men. At times direct quotes are used from the comics, for a semblance of continuity.

4.) * * - Indicates telepathic speech.

5.) Italicized paragraphs - Represent the past reflections.

6.) This is an excerpt of an interview conducted in London during May of 1994. The interview covered a lot of topics and lasted for nearly three hours. This transcript is Chris Claremont's post-departure X-Men and his thoughts on the series. (The full interview was originally published over two months in Comic World.)

"Issue 2, I was going to kill Wolverine, he would have a fight with Lady Deathstrike and she would rip out his heart. She'd die, he'd die. Except, he wouldn't die, because he has a healing factor. And, he has his followers. So the Hand grab the body, they resurrect him, he comes back as the master assassin of the Hand, for two years, leading up to Uncanny X-Men 294, he would be the X-Men's greatest foe. The story would range from Uncanny to X-Men and back again. Jean would go in and try to rescue him and end up becoming his evil babe, though not really, she would be faking it this time. She is trying to tap into the Wolverine which is buried beneath all of the Hand's spell. Scott and company are figuring "Wolverine's gone bad, we gotta put him down." Xavier is unmoveably adamant about the need to save him. The need to salvage him, to bring him back to the light."

7.) Jean's angelic vision was inspired by the Japanese animation Escaflowne. (Really good, go rent it!)

8.) Achrival is okay, just let the the starving author know please.

9.) Comments would be greatly appreciated.

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