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Remembrance- by Victor Moore

"Excellent Everett." Elisabeth stated as her pupil finished the kata he preformed. "Do it again, please." A few steps brought her to the young blond girl who was having some difficulty with the exercise. "Good, but you are trying to hard, luv. Here, let us start from the beginning." She held her arms and feet wide apart and when Paige did the same, she went slowly through the forms. Bringing her arms inward and crossing them along with her feet then back into the extended position, she watched the girl's movements. "Do not fight the motions, flow through them."

As she stepped behind Paige, Elisabeth helped her get into the starting form. She planted her foot down next to her pupil's, and stated, "Your feet should be at about a forty-five degree angle away from you body, like so. That should help immensely." After facing her again, she motioned Paige to start. The movements were still awkward, but as the young girl began to correct her stance, they became more fluid. She smiled at her pupil, who smiled back.

This was her first class at the Massachusetts Academy. One of the Headmasters, Sean Cassidy, had asked her to teach a basic fighting course over a month ago, which she originally turned down, politely, of course. Somehow though, Katherine had convinced her to try it out. How she did it, Elisabeth still could not figure out. Her stipulation however, was that Kitty had to help. Her accomplice agreed. They decided to teach the basic katas of Ninjitsu needed to maintain balance. Kitty was teaching half of the class and was currently showing Artie and Leech the correct stance. Both children had huge grins on their faces.

Smiling to herself, Elisabeth surveyed the room. It was a holographic projection of a dojo, complete with a wooden floor, rice paper walls, and scrolls of text in Japanese, describing the five elements of earth, wind, fire, water, and spirit. Above a shrine on the far wall was a banner stating in the same language, "the Tendo School of Anything Goes Martial Arts." Sean had provided the program, but it seems that Kitty might have inputted some things in secret. All in all, the class went better than she expected.

At first, the students seemed a little apprehensive, except Jubilee who was making her usual fast paced remarks about having to take the class and Manuel who seemed a little disappointed because she was not wearing her X-Men uniform. In fact, all the students were wearing the white gi, the type normally found in karate schools, instead of their normal jumpsuits, while the instructors had black ones. After an hour and a half of teaching the basic katas, Elisabeth and Katherine held a short exhibition of the fighting style of Ninjitsu. They would stop in mid-combat to show the students how the forms they were practicing came into effect. To her surprise, Sean and Emma also participated in the class as students. When it was over, most of the students had left except Jubilee who was talking to Kitty, and Paige and Manuel who approached her.

"Thanks ma'am." Paige said as she brushed a strand of hair from her eyes. "Y'know, ya weren't as... stuck up, as ah had once heard. Uh, no offense meant." After a quick smile, Paige rushed out of the room.

Elisabeth shook her head and watched the young girl leave, then brought her attention to the other student. With a dry smile, she stated, "sorry, if I did not wear my old costume Manuel, but surely you understand."

"De nada, chica. You look good in anything. Hey don't be giving me that look," he gestured innocently, "I have a weakness for women with purple hair."

Bending slightly to whisper in his ear, "Not bad. Perhaps Remy can teach you some better lines."

"Nah, I've got all I ever need."

"Is that so? Maybe he could learn a few from you then?" She smiled slightly as he shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the room.

"What gives? I haven't seen you smile since... since never." Jubilation Lee told her. "Are you alright? You're not feeling sick or anything like that, are you?"

She put a hand on the young girl's shoulder and smiled warmly at her. "I am fine Jubilee." At the quizzical look the youngster gave her, she added, "honest."

"Whoa, time out. Jubilee? You called me by name? Not 'child' or 'Jubilation', like an annoyed teacher would say, but Jubilee?" In an exaggerated manner, she threw the back of her hand on her forehead. "I feel faint. Quick someone take the temperature down below, 'cause I think Hell's freezin' over."

Elisabeth let out a short laugh. "Done?"



"As true as it gets. Why?"

"Why did I call you Jubilee?"

"No, not that. Why are you so... nice, for the lack of a better word." Gesturing to the floor, the two women sat down. After leaning back against the wall, Elisabeth answered the question. "I am trying to learn how to live again. Not just for the moment, but in the moment. Until recently, I was truly depressed and confused due to the lack of control over what had happened to me. The Hand, Kwannon, Sabretooth, and the Shadow King just to name a few. I lived for the 'high', the feeling of adrenaline that would flow through my system. Anytime I was in a fight or battle, that 'high' would make me forget about my depression, my confusion. In the process, an 'action junkie' is what I had become."

"So you were like an addict or something?"

"Quite so, luv."

"Don't say that! Bad enough I have to hear it from Irish, now you have to use it too? 'Luv'. Sheez, it sends chills through my spine." Jubilee's body convulsed slightly to emphasize the point.

"I will try. Were was I?" Elisabeth asked, already knowing the answer.

"Action Junkie."

"Right. When I lost my powers of telepathy, I..." she saw a look of surprise on the young girl's face. "You did not know? In order to defeat the Shadow King I had to give up my powers.

"Since then I have come to realise the 'drug' I craved, was not helping me in life. Outside of the fighting or the flirting, my emotions, my innermost feelings were being bottled up and stored away deeper and deeper. I will not bore you with the details of it, but after releasing the trapped feelings, I have started to view life differently. The 'high' is slowly being replaced by my long lost humanity."

Jubilee looked at the ceiling then scanned the room as they sat in silence. She saw Kitty in the corner playing with the controls for the environment. Then she looked long and hard at Elisabeth. "You've changed. You're still you, but different, somehow. Hell, you know what I mean. What happened? And don't tell me it was the loss of your powers."

Sighing, her brown eyes began to water slightly. When Elisabeth answered, it was very soft and full of sadness. "It took the death of a dear friend to show me that, my personal guardian angel."

"I'm sorry. She sounded important to you."

"Thank you, and he was. He died years ago, while the X-Men were in Australia, pretending to be dead ourselves. A few weeks ago, when I began to mourn him for the first time, all of the trapped feelings came rushing out. I am still trying to get used to it."

After a minute, Elisabeth rose to her feet and Jubilee followed suit. Patting the young girl on the shoulder, she stated, "I am pleased to see you again."

"In a strange sort of way, so am I. Welcome to the land of the living." The teenager put out her hand and grinned widely.

Elisabeth grasped it. "Thank you."

Taking her hand back, then saying goodbye, Jubilee saw Sean walk past the doorway. "Yo, Irish! Wait up! I said hold it!" She yelled running out of the room.

"Betsy?" Katherine asked a moment later with a look of concern in her brown eyes.

"Hmm? Oh just thinking." She motioned to the doorway and asked, "shall we?"

Kitty shook her head, and sighed heavily. "Computer, seal the room. Close all external access."

"Enter access code." The computer stated with a flat female voice.


"Code confirmed. Enabling external system lock." The door slid closed and a mechanical lock could be heard as the computer continued. "Danger Room Mk III sealed."

"I didn't want us to be disturbed." Kitty stated answering her friend's puzzled expression. "A week ago, I stumbled upon some recordings from a long time back. Stumbled is the wrong word. Delivered is more like it. They were time-date stamped and addressed to me. Betsy, these messages are years old, and I believe you should see them."

Elisabeth's curiosity was piqued. "Whom are they from?" She asked and added, "are they for me?"

"I don't believe that most were meant to be viewed by anyone but the author, but one is for you. They were recorded by Doug."

"Doug!?" Elisabeth whispered weakly. "You have viewed these already, correct?"

"Not all, only those addressed to me and his personal logs. Do you wish to see them?" After Elisabeth nodded, Kitty then addressed the computer. "Computer, display Ramsey logs theta-four through theta-seven and theta-nine."

"Accessing, one moment please."

"I can leave if you wish." The young woman stated.

"No, please stay." Elisabeth answered.

A hologram of Douglas Ramsey in his New Mutants uniform stood before them. For a split second, it wavered then was solid again. "Theta-four ready."

Her hand felt the hologram's cheek, tracing his features with a light touch. Withdrawing, she thought aloud, "I had almost forgotten how handsome he was."

"He was cute wasn't he?" Kitty looked at Elisabeth, then said, "Computer, begin."

The hologram sprang to life.


"Journal Entry: Theta-Four.

"I still can't believe it. A few weeks ago, I met the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She is perfect in every way. Homework has become much harder to do since Elisabeth walked into my life. I can't keep her out of my thoughts. I see images of her. Like her caring smile, or the way the corners of her eyes wrinkle when she laughs, or how the tears fell down her face in the pale moonlight, or... you see what I mean. Funny thing is, I can't picture her naked, even though I caught a brief glimpse on that first night we met, the details were blurry. Probably due to my own tears as I cried with her. 'Berto would probably think I'm crazy.

"The mind-link we shared then, is probably one of the most intense experiences I ever had. A quick moment in time is forever etched into my memory. Betsy's astral image was whole and back in charge of her mind. Her feelings of sadness and despair and finally hope radiated from her enough that I could feel them, share them. Then, I was back in my own mind and we shared an intimate moment and a sad secret in that moonlit office. Somehow, I was still attuned to her feelings, until Dani came in, then the shock of seeing Betsy without clothes, broke the connection.

"Since then, I can feel myself blush when she winks, or blows a kiss at me. I do care for her, which I know without a doubt. I'm positive it's not a crush. Is it love? The answer is not so forthcoming. So, what is this feeling I have for her? I'm not sure.

"This is one of the purposes of this journal. To sort out the feelings I have for Elisabeth. I should ask Kitty, since she's my best bud and she knows about these sort of things. Maybe later, when she gets back from her mission."


Kitty helped Elisabeth to a plush chair that she had the computer conjure up. The strength had left the older woman's body. Once seated, she asked. "Are you okay?"

"Shaken. I had forgotten how sweet and soothing his voice can be. That was not something I expected ever to hear again." Elisabeth stated while wiping the water from her eyes. "I know he cared for me, I felt it. If only... if..." her words fell silent. She did not know what to say.

When Kitty hugged her, she hugged back. It was as if the young woman was providing the strength she had lost, an anchor in a sea of turbulent emotions. Minutes passed by until the hugging stopped.

Elisabeth wiped her bangs from her eyes and told Kitty to continue with the logs. "Messages in a bottle", she mused to herself. Although she knew her tears would run out by the end of these recordings, she had to hear them. A part of her wanted to, needed to. Steeling herself, she began to listen to Doug's soothing voice.


"I don't have much time today, but I had to record this. My power is starting to scare me. Somehow, no one ever thought that my powers would expand beyond the domain of linguistics. Any word, written or spoken, I can translate. Because of this, programming a computer is a piece of cake. But last night I had a dream, but I know it wasn't.

"Illyana, 'Lock, and myself were at a party with the other New Mutants, and, I know this sounds crazy, the New Mutants. Sure they were older and had a presence my team lacks, but the strange thing was that there were no older versions of the three of us. The mood was of despair, a sense of hopelessness. It was so thick, too thick. Karma said something, and then I woke up sweating. It felt so real. It was real, I don't know how, but I can feel it with every fiber of my being. I believe that I was trying to remember something that I had forgotten, or had been made to forget.

"If so, then a telepath had blocked my memories, and my power is seeing the block as a form of written code. As Kitty knows, I love to break codes. My power makes it a bit easier. If true, then what other abilities will my power display in the future? Why does that scare me? This 'dream' has filled me with a sense of dread.

"God, I wish Betsy were here. One look into her beautiful blue eyes and I would forget all my worries for the moment."


Elisabeth was perplexed. "He never mentioned that before, or any reference to this dream of his."

"True. But he felt it was too important not to note."

"She is holding back something," Betsy thought to herself. Knowing that the young girl would not tell her until the appropriate time, Elisabeth sighed, then stated, "Shall we continue?"

When the hologram of Doug began to move again, this time he was wearing a white sweater with a blue vest over it and blue jeans.


"I'm such a dunce. The whole time I was in the Danger Room with Betsy and 'Berto yesterday, I never noticed her silence. She had questions but did not know how to ask. While 'Berto and I commented on the lackluster performance of a training exercise with Magneto and the X-Men, she just watched, her lips opening and closing, never allowing the questions out. 'Where did she belong?' That I think was her primary thought. Then Longshot showed up and all hell broke lose."

Doug scratched his head and then let loose a long sigh. " 'Lock is right. I shouldn't abuse the gestalt mode we enter so much. Not at all is more like it. But I feel so powerful, not like the weak link of the chain. It's as if I can become the hero I've always wanted to be, and protect those I love.

"Love. Now there is a strange word. Earlier today, I discovered that I love Betsy. Heart, mind and soul. No... I already knew that. Today's incident just confirmed it for me. Mojo had twisted her mind again, along with those of the other X-Men and Longshot. When the 'Dark Betsy' hit me with one of her psycho bolts, that hurt a lot by the way, I realized the only way to help her was to open my mind to her. Every thought, every memory, every emotion was laid bare. No secrets kept from her. That was the moment I knew for sure that I truly loved her. It was enough to free Betsy, just before Logan knocked her into me. Both of us fell to the ground and she landed on top.

"Even though it was raining, I wanted that moment in time to last forever. It was only a few seconds. The mind-link she used to read my thoughts, was still active. Although I had no access to hers, her presence in mine was like a warm comforter on a cold winter night. I could feel the warmth of her breath as we looked into the other's eyes, how her body felt as she rolled off me, the way the raindrops fell from her lips, and how her wet hair glistened under the stage lights. I made a joke about 'the two of us should stop meeting like this, 'cause people were bound to talk'. Her answer surprised me.

"She said, "Let them."

"That's when I knew she loved me too. She did not need to say it. I felt it through the link. When we got up to help the others, Betsy severed the connection. It wasn't abrupt, is was gradual, like how lovers say goodbye in the movies."

Doug paused for a moment and stretched out the kinks in his back. "When it was all over, I lamented upon how we, the New Mutants, were back to being the X-Babies again, instead of heroes in our own right. Although X'ian questioned me about it, that's what I want to be. It's why I'm here at this school. Sometimes, I wish I could do more than just translate languages.

"Got to go now, Piotr is treating us to ice cream at the parlor in town. This is like a lifetime event. In the whole time I've been here, he has never treated anyone to anything. Besides, Betsy will be there."


The hologram stood still awaiting its next command, but the two women were oblivious to it. Elisabeth had her knees pulled up to her chin. The tears would not stop no matter how hard she tried. In truth, she did not want to try. It hurt, deeply, but at the same time, she felt a sense of relief.

Kitty watched her friend from afar. She wanted to put her arms around her, tell her it was okay, but she knew from experience, it would not help in this case. Elisabeth needed this. "Jubilee was right," she thought to herself, Betsy has changed, for the better."

A couple of minutes later, there was a faint knock at the door. Katherine opened it after telling the computer to unlock it. Jubilee stood there carrying a tray with two cups, a teapot, and some scones.

"Hi 'ya Kat. Frosty said to bring you some tea. Wouldn't say why though. I swear everyone took a step back except me when she asked for a volunteer, rotten scumbags. Anyways, her I am and here is the tea. The biscuits were my idea." Jubilee quickly handed Kitty the tray before the other girl could say anything. "Well my good deed for the day's done. I'm out... of... here?" She caught a glimpse of Elisabeth wiping the tears from her face. With a burst of speed that only adolescents have, she was standing next to her. "Betsy? You're crying!? Why?"

Betsy did not meet her gaze. "Now is not a good time, Jubilee." She stated softly.

"There never is a 'good time'." Jubilee quoted in her best imitation of Logan, which brought a chuckle out of Kitty. Seeing the hologram, she asked, "who's the stud? He's cute with a capital 'C'." When she received no response, the young girl knew what he was. "Wait, this is that guardian angel you were telling me about earlier, weren't you?" When Elisabeth nodded, she quickly apologized and sat down next to Betsy on the big chair.

Kitty had the computer make a table for the tray, an extra teacup, and a chair for herself. Then, she served the tea.

Remarkably, Jubilee kept quiet as they started to drink. Suddenly, she stated more to herself than the others, "You were in love with him. But that must have been when you were my age, right?"

"Actually, it was only a few short years ago."

"Whoa, wait a minute. Time out. Chotto matte. You were in your twenties and he must have been what, fifteen, sixteen. That is so not right."

"Thirties actually." Elisabeth stated as she picked up a scone before continuing. "At the time it did not seem to matter. Somehow, through all the trials and tribulations, we became soul mates. I can not describe it any better than that."

"Hmm, I suppose. But it still seems a little wrong to me. Then again, he was cute."

Kitty poured Elisabeth her second cup of tea. "Jubilee, thank you very much for the tea."

"Whoa, you dismissing me now? Uh uh, no way. I am here to stay." The young girl folded her arms under her breasts and glared at Kitty.

"Jubilee, these are private recordings meant for Elisabeth. It would be like reading another person's mail. An invasion of privacy."

"How come you're here then?"

"Betsy asked me to stay."

"Well, I guess I can see what you mean. But I am curious to why she was attracted to him, and what was he like?" Jubilee asked as she pointed the hologram.

"Oh dear, we have run out of scones." Elisabeth said with a faint smile.

"WHAT!? You ate them all!"

Letting out a short laugh, Katherine said, "Jubilee, why don't you and I get some more. Besides, I have to give Ms. Frost something anyway."

"Only if you tell me what made him so special." Jubilee stated slowly getting out the chair.

"He was a hero, in heart and soul." Elisabeth whispered absently, looking at the hologram.

The two girls looked at her, then left without a word. A few minutes silently passed by, until a sigh uttered forth from her lips. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Computer, next entry please."

The hologram quickly vanished, and reappeared back in the blue-gold jumpsuit. It looked sad.


"I don't know if you can hear me Betsy, but I hoping this message gets to you. I thought we would have more time together, to share in each other's lives. But with the incidents stemming from the Morlock massacre, and trying to find X'ian's family, the precious moments slipped away, like sand running through one's fingers." Doug paused for a moment with his hands stretched out in front of him.

Slowly they dropped to his side as he took a deep breath before continuing. "I love you. I love the way the sunset makes your hair glow, how gentle your voice is, and the warmth of your thoughts in mine. I should have told you more often.

"Even though we never kissed, we didn't need to. The psychic bond we shared was more enduring than a thousand kisses. You knew my thoughts, desires, strengths, and weaknesses. I felt your emotions, knew your heart. Somehow, it was more than enough.

He sank to his knees and wiped the tears from his eyes. "It wasn't suppose to happen this way. We were supposed to grow old and be happy together. Maybe in another life, another existence we are. One can always hope, can always dream.

"I wanted to learn more about the woman I love. I realize now, beyond a doubt, that you are my soul mate.

"Go on with your life. Do not mourn me for eternity. I beg you, please. This will be hard for you, Betsy, but life does go on. My 'dreams' have taught me that. Make yours the best it can be. Until my time is up, you will always have a place in my heart, in my soul. Fly free my beloved rose butterfly, and think of me from time to time."


"I hear you, my dear Doug. I hear you." Elisabeth stated between sobs. Her remaining mascara ran down the sides of her face. Wetness shone gently on her cheeks. In the midst of all this, she began to smile. A warm, heartfelt one. Wordlessly, she told the image of Doug, "thank you."

Minutes passed by, until the tears finally stopped. The door opened up, and Kitty and Jubilee entered the room. The young girl of Chinese-American descent took her place next to Elisabeth, and handed her a handkerchief. Elisabeth accepted the gesture. After wiping the ruined make-up and drying tears from her face, she hugged Jubilee.

The young girl was shocked. This was the most emotion that Betsy had ever shown her. At first she was not sure what to do, so she hugged the older woman back. "It's okay, Betts. You're going to be just fine. Trust me."

"I know, luv. I know. Thank you." Elisabeth answered, then let go.

"That, was a freebie. Next time you call me luv, it's going to cost you." The young girl said with a short laugh.

Shaking her head, Elisabeth turned to Kitty, and said, "there is something I am still not clear about. Doug's dream, what did he mean?"

Taking her seat, Kitty answered, "I'll let Doug answer that. Computer, display Ramsey log theta-eight"


"Konnichiwa, Kitty. This is possibly my last journal, for I am about to die, soon. My power finally broke through the all the mind-wipes which were done to me and restored the memories in their proper place. I almost wish it hadn't.

"A few months ago, in an innocent dare, 'Yana teleported us into the future, so we could see what we ourselves have become. To our regret, we found out. We met some of our future selves and that snake Mikhail Rasputin. He poisoned his sister in a vain attempt to cure her and him of the Legacy Virus. I discovered that 'Yana, 'Lock, and myself were going to die. I purposefully, did not look at the dates of or how our deaths were to be, but I did know I was going to be first. I will not tell the others, it's better if they did not know.

"Truth be told Kitty, I'm scared. But if Elisabeth was willing to face Sabretooth, knowing she wouldn't stand a chance just so others might live, I could do no less. I will face my fate as bravely as I can. This I swear.

"You are my best friend. I need you to take care of some lose ends for me, messages mostly. When you receive them it will be years from this recording, that way I don't interfere with the time-line, the natural order of things."

Doug stood tall and lifted his voice in the most honest of tones. "I have lived a short life. But in some ways, the adventures, the things I have seen and done will be more than some people will experience in their lifetime. I have seen the stars, visited vast alien communities, and learned about many, many different cultures. I have been to Asgard and helped foil Loki's evil plans, and became a sliver under Mojo and Spiral's fingernails. I have seen wondrous sights meant only for the highest of angels, and witnessed evil so foul it would scare the strongest of demons. I found love were one would least expect, and was loved in return. I have lived a great life. And will continue to do so, until it's my time.

"Sayonara Kitty, Aloha Elisabeth, Goodbye my friends old and new."

Doug finished by stating something in a melodious range of tones, with an intricate pattern.


"Wow, that just has to be the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. What did it mean?" Jubilee asked with tears forming in her eyes.

"It's Kree, Doug's favorite language. A formal goodbye for royalty at funerals." Kitty answered. "He said: "Never fear. Death is a part of life. For one to live, one must die. Forget not, the deeds of one who has passed into the great beyond, for they still live with us. In our hearts. In our minds. In our souls. Let their experiences be a guidepost for our own journeys in life. Let the remembrance of them begin.""

The room was silent for a few moments as each of the women let the words echo in their souls. Doug's image remained there, a holographic symbol of life lived to its fullest. Kitty said a silent prayer, Jubilee examined the image of Doug, while Elisabeth closed her eyes and remembered the good times with him.

Naturally, Jubilee broke the silence. "I wish I could have met him. He seemed to be a good guy."

"The best." Kitty said, and Elisabeth nodded in agreement.

"I do not know about you two, but I am famished. Anyone care to join me for dinner?"

"You treatin' Betts?" Jubilee asked.

"Most assuredly, my little ninja-in-training."

"Very funny. Ok, I'm game."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, ninja woman." Kitty said dryly while stretching in her chair.

Elisabeth smiled then got out of her seat. The others followed suit and left the room. Elisabeth waited at the door and looked at Doug. "Thank you, my guardian angel. Once again you showed me how to live." With that, she told the computer to end the program. Doug and all the furniture disappeared, along with the dojo into nothingness. Only then did she leave.


Hours later, Emma Frost activated the disc Katherine Pryde had given her. She was in her normal white business attire. While brushing the bangs out of her eyes, a holographic form of Douglas Ramsey sprang to life. Emma forgot about her hair as she listened to her former student's message.


"Hello Ms. Frost. Years ago you made me forget some of my memories concerning the Hellions and the New Mutants at your school. When my power unlocked the block you placed in my mind from the mind-wipe, I was furious. But as I thought about it, you had your reasons. I may not agree with them, but I do understand them.

"I wanted to tell you that I forgive you. I never hated you at any time during or after my tenure. Please don't blame yourself, for my loss. All I ask is that you teach. That is how I saw you the most active. You are a good teacher, a little strict at times, but fair. During my glimpse of the future, you present, there will be dark times ahead for young mutants. You may be their only hope. Teach them well. Teach them fairly. Tell them to cherish the present. We only get one life in this world. Mine was a great one, and I have you to partially thank for that.


Doug turned around, stopped and looked back. "Ms. Frost, it might also help if you wear some decent clothes once in a while."


Manuel walked by the Danger Room, when one of the scariest sounds he had ever heard stopped him cold. His curiosity piqued, he peaked into the room. There was Emma Frost doing the one thing he had never seen her do in the entire time he has attended this school. She was laughing.


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