Heroic Trio (An X-Men/Tomb Raider/?-????? Crossover) by Victor Moore

Disclaimer: Okay Marvel owns everyone from Marvel, and Eidos owns Lara's body and soul.
Continuity Watch: This story takes place a couple of months after my other fan-fic "Rememberance", and a month or so after Tomb Raider II..


The sun peered into the Himalayas, casting dark shadows and reflective patches of light across the snow covered peaks. Unfortunately, the sun did not provide any warmth, as a frigid wind snaked its way through the mountains. Halfway down one of the ridges was a dark cave concealed by the shadows. The breeze that flowed into it echoed an eerie sound. Through the labyrinth of tunnels it traveled, slowly becoming less distinct until a whisper was all that could be heard. One tunnel in particular, showed signs of recent activity. Footprints were on the dusty ground, the first in so many years. It widened out into a massive cavern with a crumbling city in the center of it.

Huge pieces of rocks had buried a good portion of the city, but some of the buildings were intact. The architecture of those buildings had an oriental flair. The tallest one was about five stories tall and the back of it was encased in stone. A light came from the top floor. It was a torch, recently lit and placed back in its holder. There were four in total and all were lit. A figure, with dark brown hair in a braided ponytail, stood in the middle of the dusty room and examined the pedestal in front of her. On it, was a golden statue of a woman sitting cross-legged and with six arms, each holding a different object.

Tapping her finger to her chin, Lara walked around the column and scrutinized every detail about it. Her hiking boots made a soft scraping sound as she wiped dust away from the floor just behind the pedestal with her foot. There was a faint groove. It led to the huge statue in the back of the room, which was also a woman of six arms. Two of them held long curved blades twice as long as Lara was tall. Upon seeing the arms were hinged while the others were not, she nodded to herself and looked at the base of the statue. There was an indented engraving with circular stones protruding from it. Rummaging through her backpack, she took out four fragments of a painted stone. Placing them in their proper order in the statue, she noticed that one piece had a few cracks in it.

"I hope this works." Lara said as she made sure her pistols were secure in their holsters on each leg. Wearing a brown leather jacket and some black pants, she looked at the figure. She had been contacted a week earlier by an eccentric art collector, back in London to collect the golden figurine of a Buddhist Goddess of mercy. He did not have a lot of information to go one, just that the figure was stolen from a temple in China by a society of thieves operating out of the Himalayas in Nepal. The name of the Goddess that it represents was Kwanyin in Chinese, or Kwannon in Japanese. After some studying of ancient maps and histories of the society, along with satellite photos of the mountain range provided by her employer, she found the entrance of this lost city.

So far, this outing has been less than a challenge than she was used to. Certainly, less dangerous than her quest for the Dagger of Xian, or of her run in with Natla a couple of years ago. No supposedly extinct dinosaurs, vicious animals, or rivals intent on the same prize. She had her fair share of psychical challenges on this quest, however, which secretly pleased her. For her the thrill was in getting to the goal, not necessarily the goal itself.

After taking a few deep breaths, she grabbed the figure. A click sounded on the pedestal. She looked at the base of the statue and saw the circular stones try to rotate. The fragment with the cracks suddenly shattered. Then, all the pieces fell out. The stones turned and the two arms twitched. They sprang towards her as the blades rushed in. Lara dropped and rolled backward, narrowly avoiding the swords as it split the pedestal into three distinct fragments. Springing to her feet, she felt the section of floor she was on, fall out from under her. Her hands caught the edge, and she looked down to see rows and rows of metal spikes waiting to greet her. She quickly hoisted herself up, and dusted herself off. While looking at the prize, she heard a faint sound from the statue. Turning around revealed that she was not alone. Lounging in the statue's lap, was a woman. In a heartbeat, Lara drew a gun.

"Well, well. You are a impulsive one, aren't you?" The woman asked. She was wearing a silver metal helmet that had large pointed wings on each side and a small visor. Her boots had white fur to the top to the ankle and her cobalt blue pants had external pockets mid-thigh. "I must say, I do like the place and your newly acquired trinket," she stated as she spread her arms wide. All six of them.

"Who are you?" Lara asked, pointing a pistol at her. She had seen many strange things over the years, but never a woman with six arms.

"Who am I? That would take a while to tell, and you do not really need to know. Why am I here, your wondering? Why, I am after you of course, my dear Miss Croft." She emphasized the point by pointing four of her hands at Lara. Each of them had a sword, and her third left arm was cybernetic.

Lara squeezed the trigger and let loose four shots with the automatic pistol. The newcomer vanished in a jagged pink light, while the bullets hit the statue.

"What!?" Lara exclaimed.

"Nice shooting." A voice came from behind Lara.

Spinning around while jumping backwards and to the right, she saw the newcomer watching her. After landing, she saw the woman clap with her free hands.

"Soaring spitfires, what a fine athlete you are. But before you attempt to shoot me again, I must state that I am not here to kill you."

"How do I know that?"

"You do not, however if it will ease your mind." Suddenly she moved her arms in a graceful rhythm and her swords vanished in that pink light. Seeing that Lara's gun was still trained on her, she sighed. "Here is the thing. You are needed, and I have been sent to get you."

"Needed? For what?"

"The adventure, to end all adventures awaits. You were chosen, for this. It is your ill-fated destiny. Other than that, I do not know. I was only sent to get you."

Slowly Lara made her way towards the door without taking her eyes or gun off the woman. "I do not think so. Now, tell you master to find someone else."

"Oh, I can not, for my master, the bulbous bulk that he is, is dead. I owed someone a favor and this is how I am repaying it." She danced over to Lara. "You will go, you must. When you leave this place, you must find two women. The first will be my darling sister." She said as she pointed to the red tattoo that ran from her brow over her left eye and ended in a point near the corner of her mouth.

"I said no."

"She knows more than I." Pointing to the statue, she continued, "her body's name is the same as that trinket, you hold. The second works for initials, in a country of initials, in a city that ends with initials. Her initials are D.S. Are you ready?"

"Did you not hear me, I said I am not going." Lara fingered the trigger.

"Well, no matter." She started to dance and the pink light returned.

Lara pulled the trigger just as the light enveloped her. For a split second, all she could see was the light. Then it vanished. Looking around, she had not moved. She was still in the same place and she was alone. Something however, seemed out of place, but she could not put her finger on it. Cautiously, she made her way out of the room, never noticing the statue had no bullet holes in it, nor were there any footprints in the dust.

...to be continued

NOTES: Yes, Spiral has the Crimson Dawn tattoo that she recieved during those awful Excalibur issuses.

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