The Party by Victor Moore

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"Are you sure this is the right place?" Shinji Ikari asked his companion nervously, with a catch in his fourteen-year-old throat.

"Hai." Rei Ayanami answered back in her usual quiet monotone, as she examined the card again with her red eyes.

"Okay, here we go." He rang the doorbell to the large house in the middle of the foggy street.

The door opened up and a young woman with long chestnut hair greeted them and hurried them inside to a large room. There was a long table of food off to one side with a bar behind it. The bartender was a very large individual with... blue fur!? Shinji rubbed his eyes, believing what he saw to be a trick of the light. Deciding to check out the rest of the room, he saw everyone was wearing the same outfit as he was. Black pants, white dress shirt, and a black jacket, which looked like someone had slept in them for days, along with a loose black tie.

"Well the note did state to dress up in this outfit." He mumbled.

"Hai." Rei answered.

"Welcome you two. Glad you can make it. I'm Katherine Pryde, but you can call me Kitty, and this," she pulled an older man with a dark glint in his eye to him, "this is Pete Wisdom."

Shinji and Rei bowed to them both and introduced themselves. He noticed the man looked extremely comfortable in the clothes.

"You lot wanna drink?" Pete asked with a wry grin. Seeing the two shake there heads, Kitty introduced them some of the others at the party as Pete trodded off to the bar. After that was over, she left them to mingle.

In most cases, Shinji was in awe at the size or beauty of these people. He was having trouble believing some of the people here had different color skin than normal. Like the blue skinned woman with dark red-hair, Mystique, along with her partner Valerie. More shocked than that was when she psychically changed her shape to look and sound exactly like him.

On the other side of the room, were people dancing and swaying to the fast paced music. As the song ended he saw couples leave the floor and others replace them. In front of them stopped a young Chinese woman and a tall Caucasian man with red eyes.

"I gonna get a drink Gumbo. Want anything?"

"Non Jubes, you go ahead." Turning to the newcomers, he introduced himself as Gambit, and was slightly puzzled when Rei didn't blush at the poetry he stated about her beauty. Soon he found Rei just as puzzled as she was whisked away to the dance floor and they began to dance.

Shinji thought it was strange that the music had a pulsing beat, but the two were waltzing. Stranger still, Rei was dancing like a pro, well a pro with an emotionless expression.

"Leave it to Remy to take away another's date." An amused voice came from behind him.

"D-d-date!?" Exclaimed Shinji, while loosening an already loose tie. A blush started to show in his cheeks. "We're just... we're just...", the rest came out as a gulp as the two most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes upon looked at him with growing amusement. Somehow, the rumpled suits clung to their bodies in ways that should have been against all laws of science and nature.

"Lovers?" Betsy suggested suppressing a giggle.

"Friends maybe?" Jean added.

"F-friends. We're just friends." He stammered out, the blush growing more rapidly.

After a quiet chuckle, the purple-haired woman stated, "Jean, I want to dance."

"Me too, Betsy."

"But still, I'd hate to leave this handsome young man here all by himself."

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

A quick nod of the head was all the answer Jean needed as she and Betsy each grabbed an arm of Shinji and whisked him away to the dance floor. The two women bounced, swayed, and ground themselves to the beat with him in the middle. Shinji's face became as red as Jean's hair.

Pete saw this and raised his glass at the young man. "Didn't think the kid had it in him."

"Boy what I wouldn't give to be him." Bobby Drake said at his side.

"You and almost every bloke here, mate."

Bobby would have answered back, if not for the glass of champagne spilled ever so elegantly over him by his partner, Emma Frost. Who turned sharply on her white high heels (she was the only one who wore a white version of the suit with a blouse showing some cleavage and a choker instead of a tie), and walked away.

"Em. I'm sorry. Really, really sorry." He chased after her. "I'll do anything to make it up."

Stopping she turned to face him. "Anything?"

Seeing her a mischievous glint in her eyes, he gulped. "Uh, yeah."

"You promise?"

"Y-yep." Another gulp. "This is gonna hurt isn't it?"

"Why Bobby dear, this won't hurt me a bit."

The look she had, reminded him of his mom's cat when it played with the mouse right before devouring it. He swore he heard a whip snapping when she smiled at him.

The dancers left as Lockheed landed in the middle of the dance floor. A spotlight shone down on him. When his partner arrived, a puff of acknowledgement escaped his purple snout. Looking around, he saw the crowd eagerly awaiting his next move. No one breathed, silence was the only sound that covered the floor. With a quick motion, his little claw pointed straight up in the air. The girls in the audience swooned, as he flashed them a smile. Death fainted in Illyana's arms when he winked at her.

In a quick motion the hand came down and the music roared to life. The crowd cheered as he and his partner danced to 'Stayin' Alive' by the Bee Gees. They roared when he spun Pikachu over his head.

A little later, Rei was nibbling on some carrots when a blond man bumped into her at the food table. Hanging off his arm was a young girl with long raven hair and what appeared to be a tattoo of a stylized 'O' on her forehead and cheeks. Both wore trenchcoats over their suits, his tattered gold and hers bright pink.

"Hi. I'm Skuld and this is John."

"Konbonwa. My name is Rei."

John's and Rei's eyes never left the other.

He sighed. "Can't a bloke just have a soddin' night free without running into a Angel, or a demon, or whatever the 'ell you are."

"You'll have to excuse him, he's had a few too many."

"I'm not as think as you pissed I am."

"I'm going to get him a cup of coffee to sober him up from Hank over there." She pointed to the blue furred man behind the bar. "The 'Moria special' I believed he called it."

"Moria... Moria... why does that sound familiar? Pete said something about her... something about... Oh shit!" Breaking from Skuld's grip, John ran like the wind.

Rei watched the young lady chase him into a corner and sighed. "Nan doko desku ka?"

"You're here because this a party." Kitty answered. "A very special one."

"She's right luv." Pete stated by her side.

"The reason we're celebrating is to honor a woman who has let many a story find a home. She loves stories, thrives on them. Funny anecdotes that make you laugh so hard until you're about to burst. Chronicles so sad, that the tears never seem to stop. Tales of terror to chill you to your very soul, or yarns of wonder so beautiful it takes the breath away."

"Or the ones with sex! Hardcore, tender or kinky, like that scene with Braddock and amoeba-Meggan to make ya... oof."

"Hush." Kitty removed her elbow from Pete's stomach. "Regardless of the genre, mood, or style of the piece, great stories are her life's blood. Nothing would please her more on her birthday than a good tale."

"Yeah, one with a lot of sex-ow!!" Pete hopped up and down on one foot for a bit, swearing under his breath.

"I can't take you anywhere, can I?"

Just then the large grandfather clock chimed twelve times. Everyone stopped what they were doing, and turned their attention to Kitty. She nodded and everyone started singing. Cable was remarkably off-key and a tad bit overbearing, causing Domino to cringe next to him. When it was done, each pair dropped a book into a large basket. Each contained the perfect gift.

A story.


In the Blue Area of the Moon, music blared through the home of Utau, the Watcher, as he practiced the moves that Lockheed used earlier. He was failing miserably.


Happy B-Day Luba!!! I hope this silly-fic finds you in good spirits!

Rei Ayanami and Shinji Ikari are from 'Children of an Elder God' by John Biles and Rod M.
Kitty Pyrde and Pete Wisdom are lifted from 'The Visit' series by Luba Kmetyk.
Mystique and Valerie Cooper took a break from the 'Tales of the Twilight Menshevik' by Tilman Stieve.
Gambit and Jubilee waltzed in from 'Two Pair' by Wren Griffen.
Betsy and Jean stumbled in from the 'Gauguin Series' by QueenB.
Bobby and Emma Frost blew in from 'Pass the Potatoes' by Dex.
Lockheed and Pikachu came out of left field.
Death and Illyana snuck in from 'When They Say Goodbye' by Magik.
John Constantine and Skuld popped in from 'Dire Fates' by David Tai and Rod M.
Cable and Domino squeaked in from "The Shi'ar Coffee Story' by Alicia McKenzie.