Tears by Victor Moore

Inspired by the piano solo 'Apologize' by Tosihiko Sahashi

DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, Sunrise does. I'm just taking 'em for a ride.

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Streetlights and signs reflected off the cold wet streets while the manhole covers breathed out smoke into the night. People stood under covered awnings and doorways, or they used umbrellas to keep the sky's tears from themselves. The forgotten lie shivering under discarded boxes in dark lonely alleyways.

One person, a man in a long black overcoat, stopped in front of an old building surprised his feet had dragged him here. He could hear a soft melody being played on a piano from the inside. Light touches on the notes filled the air, like smooth silk gliding upon ones fingers. It reminded him of her.

Leaning against wall and listening to the music from the open door, he closed his eyes and could still picture her. The short auburn hair in a stylized pageboy cut, the dark green eyes that held that curious flat stare, and the way the rain ran down her face like tears. He missed the little things, the stuff that would drive him crazy when she was around. Her morning ritual of getting him out of bed by playing the piano insanely fast and never making a mistake, how she would always flip over his collection of hand-made hourglasses when she was troubled, or the silent questions never asked as she stood on the balcony railing of their home.

A smile came to his face. It seemed ironic that he had discovered his kindred spirit, his soul mate after she died a year ago from an explosion that almost claimed him as well. Now, he wished he knew how she really felt about him.

But that could not be true, for androids do not have emotions, do they? He was no longer sure about that.

Memory of the piece stirred within him. It was what she played for Perot, her pet cat all those years ago. His eyes shot open.

Is it possible? Could she still be alive?

Before he entered, he listened to the music again then sighed.

No, whoever's playing this is using far more emotion than she ever could.

He looked back at the bar one last time, then walked into the rain as the sky cried with him.

Her pale fingers stopped playing as the last note faded away, like the lingering touch of a lover's kiss. The small audience sat still with eyes closed absorbing the song. She always played this piece as the last one of the night and it always brought a tear to her eye. It was her way to remember the one she loved. If he were still alive, she knew he would be surprised.

Because androids can cry.


NOTES: This was a homework assignment about how a single song can inspire a setting or story.
Much Mahalos to Amanda Swiftgold whose fan-fic "In Medias Res" inspired me to try a take on the characters, the creators of "the Big O" animated series, and the denizens of the Anime Jump Big O BBS.