City of Heroes: Character Design ScreenShots

One of the things that I love about the MMORPG City of Heores, is its custom character design choices. There are a multitude of costumes that you can create with the system, and with the recent update, you can now adjust the body types with much more creativity. Want to make a male character with a massive chest on a thin frame, no problem, or you can be different from everyone else and have a female character with smaller breasts as well. Below are some of the characters I've created using the CoH system which is probably my favorite part of the game. (I will admit however, that my naming ability is not up to par of the designs.)

2007 update: Sadly, I had to cancel my account due. I loved making characters, but I never leveled them. Oh, and my finaces had something to do with as well.


City of Villans

City of Villians continues the awesome costume creation utilities started in City of Heroes. In fact it is almost a game in itself. Some of these creations I re-did off the Beta test designs with very little changes.


City of Villans - Beta

Mid-October 2005, I became a beta tester for City of Villians. Most desgin elements are carried over from City of Heroes, but there are a lot more elements now. Most of these focus on the 'Evil' look (skull, bones, etc.) and now there is a 'Monstorous' and 'Zombie' skins to help flesh out the villianous designs.


(Yes, Viperkiss has no hands or forearms. It's a glitch in the game, and like a good little beta tester, I reported it.)

Comic ScreenShots:

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