Resurgence (PG)

Elisabeth suffers from nightmares, and seeks advice from Logan.

Rememberence (PG)

After the events in "Resurgence", Kitty shows Elisabeth some of Doug's recordings.

Down the Dark Path (R - For graphic violence and language.)

Psylocke and Jubilee escape the Hand and decide to free their teammate from the society, with a little help.

Shades of Pain (NC-17)

Psylocke fights Sabretooth for the final time.
Marie's Gambit (PG)
A non-serious little fan-fic done for Marie's website, The Comix Alley. Starring Psylocke, Triad, WitchBlade, Lara Croft, Fathom, a special guest star, and Marie herself.
Friendships (PG)
My entry in the 2nd annual LSH Script contest. (I placed 4th! Yay!) After an explosion on a Space Station, can Triad(Purple) and Ferro put aside thier differences to work together? [It's in a comicbook script format.]
Price of Justice (R)
Oracle asks Batman to investigate a homicide case. The results of which turn out to be worse then they imagined.
Failure (R)
An X-Men faces his greatest foe.... the one he failed to save.
Mourning Strength (R)
Twelve years after 'Down the Dark Path' Jubilee attends a funeral for a close friend...
Nameless Interlude (PG)
A couple of days after UXM#258, Psylocke has nightmares about her tenure as a Hand Member.
Goodbye (PG)
Jubilee tries to stop Logan from leaving..
Tears (G?)
Homework assignment to write a story or description inspired by a piece of instrumental music. Starring some of the Big O cast.
The Party (PG-13)
A Silly-Fic written for Luba's B-Day.


The Krysta Cronicles: Fears (PG-13)

Trapped in an elevator Krysta helps Leonard control his fear... but will she conquer her own in the process?
The Krysta Cronicles: Benginnings (PG-13)
A short tale of how Krysta became what she is.
Passions? (PG-13)
After doing some dark stories for class I wanted to do a fun peice. What came out showcases the internal struggle a writer (in this case me) has to go through to finish the assignment given. A descprition of one's passion.
The Apron (PG)
One page short story from the topic: 'the apron by the door'.
Silent Tragedy (PG)
A short story challenge to convey a story about a character by describing the enviorment and not the character.
The Barrel (PG)
An assignment to tell the life story (from birth to death) of a single character. I sorta cheated. ;)

Bonus Section:

Below are a couple of works-in-progress (WIP) that I am have been tinkering with! These are still in rough Beta format, but hopefully you'll enjoy 'em anyway!

Heroic Trio - Ch. I (Working Title) (PG)

The Introduction of Lara Croft as she meets an X-Men enemy!
The Cost of Memories (Working Title) (PG)
Ch. I, Ch. II

Chun Li and Cammy's picnic is rudely interrupted by assassians, and Chun Li calls in a marker from Logan.

All character are owned by thier proper companies\individuals. This is for enjoyment purposes only.